Friday, January 20, 2006

new series: city - con·sens·us

• the city and its currents / spaces
• in exchange with visual artists, architects, thinkers...

pilot project
ensemble Nvisio
realized as a single afternoon in Rotterdam, July 2006
initiator: Thomas Körtvélyessy
+ Janine Brall, Willem Besselink, Stefan Hoffmann

specific themes
- (in)visibility and (dis)apprearing in performance
- organic process vs. geometric form today
- working with large groups of performers

- what are conditions for realizing
con • sens • us
in an expanded & shared artistic collaboration?
- what could be ones for realization in a different city? another cultural climate? (artistically, production, politics, etc.)

see mini-video walking con·sens·us on YouTube

links to participating visual artists
Willem Besselink
Stefan Hoffmann
Ludger F.J. Schneider


Blogger Thomas Körtvélyessy said...

to me, con·sens·us focusses on day-to-day interaction between people and re-evaluates as well as re-balances theater through the little exchanges and communications that happen (unspokenly) between people every day.

i believe that this direct interaction will assure live-performance an ongoing weight in contrast to any abstraction of it (film, video, plays etc.) the experience of the inherent potential for something totally unexpected happening coupled with the greater amount of vulnerability for all participants will guarantee that performance is here to stay.

what counts for me is the direct exchange of energy, as happens so easily in Open Form Compositions and improvisations, but also in well-interpreted through-composed performances.

in this respect con·sens·us could also contribute to a very lively and successful re-evaluation of architecture, philosopy, sociology, politics - always with this smallest mobile cell of individuals collaborating through (un)conscious sensory interaction.

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