Friday, January 20, 2006

new series: city - con·sens·us

• the city and its currents / spaces
• in exchange with visual artists, architects, thinkers...

pilot project
ensemble Nvisio
realized as a single afternoon in Rotterdam, July 2006
initiator: Thomas Körtvélyessy
+ Janine Brall, Willem Besselink, Stefan Hoffmann

specific themes
- (in)visibility and (dis)apprearing in performance
- organic process vs. geometric form today
- working with large groups of performers

- what are conditions for realizing
con • sens • us
in an expanded & shared artistic collaboration?
- what could be ones for realization in a different city? another cultural climate? (artistically, production, politics, etc.)

see mini-video walking con·sens·us on YouTube

links to participating visual artists
Willem Besselink
Stefan Hoffmann
Ludger F.J. Schneider