Friday, July 29, 2005

Düsseldorf: der schiefe Blick

Andreas Simon, Eva Tremel,
Ludger F.J. Schneider (all photography)
+ guests
29 - 7 - 05
30 - 7- 05
Stadt in Bewegung
city in movement

12 - 8 - 05
An die Arbeit
[get] to work
13 - 8 - 05
Unorte / Vorräume

un-spaces / pre-spaces

26- 8 - 05
Stadt in Bewegung
city in movement

27 - 8 - 05

9 - 9 - 05
An die Arbeit
[get] to work
10 - 9 - 05
Unorte / Vorräume
un-spaces / pre-spaces

" originated from the curiosity to (re)discover the extraordinary within the ordinary. The dancers and actors follow the pedestrian choreography of traffic, streams or pedestrians, bicycle riders, children's laughter and silence. They are focussing on the not-so-obvious and practice the slant look at what is visible. Pedestrians secretly become co-actors and carry traces of memory within themselves. Every day has its own (pre) signature."
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concepts of this realisation © 2005 Andreas Simon, Eva Tremel
all visual material © 2005 Andreas Simon, Eva Tremel, Ludger F.J. Schneider

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rotterdam: Perambulaçao água morta - água viva

Aharona Israel & Thomas Körtvélyessy

2nd Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
June 1st - 11th 2005
a series of on-location performances in Rotterdam
centered around the relationship with water.

created for Perambulaçao
an exchange-project
with artists from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

(more infos & photo's from the website)

with special thanks to Mirta Demare and Wendelien van Oldenborgh

stills from video-mentary done by Geeske Kanters

Sunday, July 17, 2005

> acknowledgements

con•sens•us is a collaborative project, which develops constantly from the influences of many single individuals. like any human endeavour it lives from the joined diversity of many who gave their energy, time, and effort to make it happen.

therefore first thanks goes to everyone who helped make this particular development possible, each in her/his own way.

to see the ever expanding list, please see under
> what is it / performance history

Eva + Thomas would like to express their special thanks to
Elaine Summers for her magnificent inspiration and pioneer work in choreography and dance-technique. it helped enormously for the becoming of this project.

they also would like to thank her for
her generous permission to include selected dance-scores of hers to be used during this series: Invitation to Secret Dancers, Circle Dance with Balloons, and Walking Dance for Any Number.
these dance scores were used extensively, as well as the practice of Summers' Kinetic Awareness® work.

Invitation to Secret Dancers
dance by Elaine Summers,
1973 - present

original drawing © 1976 by Tina Mchon

further thanks go to Mary Overlie for developing the Six Viewpoints and her vision on historical development as described in her forthcoming publication Postmodern Mechanics.
for analysis of what happened in a practice, the Viewpoints provide a comprehensive formal analysis. thanks to SITI Company / Anne Bogart for their further application and teaching of this tool for post-modern decomposition and re-development.

the concept of responsible anarchy and ethical reformation by Mary O'Donnell-Fulkerson and her teachings of Open Form Composition clarified and helped envision the artistic, conceptual and social understanding of the implications of this practice instrumentally. as it progresses to develop these ideas constitute one possible attempt at an interpretation of her visionary and revolutionary work.

Monday, July 04, 2005

> what is it? /
performance history

con • sens • us
happens as a collaborative dialogue between the performer(s) and the environment.

the practice researches possible ways of sensory-based agreement in the widest sense.

drawing © 2006 by Thomas Körtvélyessy.

this can happen in many ways and different (public) spaces, outdoors or even indoors. the accent lies on working together to reach a common goal. this will only happen by relating involved energy.
it cannot be faked or copied in form.

by allowing silence and receptiveness, all actions that come to happen produce the final composition of meeting sensitivities and sensibilities.

>> originally...

... the central theme was to explore the crossing between art and daily life.
gradually and with a (collective) memory building up from the several realisations, it is more and more becoming a practice that could be applied to any interesting situation.

Kronenburg Shopping Centre,
Arnhem Netherlands, July 2004
photo © 2004 by Ingrun Schnitzler

reproduced by kind permission

con • sens • us
was started in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2002
by Thomas Körtvélyessy and Eva Tremel.

performances have been organised and produced in
- Arnhem, Netherlands (2002, 2004 Kronenburg Shopping Center),
- Rotterdam, Netherlands (2002, 2004 ZiM , 2005 Perambulação /2nd Architecture Biennial, 2006 ZiM closing celebration)
- New York City (2005 Kinetic Awareness® Center),
- Düsseldorf, Germany (2005 "der schiefe Blick" repeated in Krefeld 2006)
- Budapest, Hungary (2006 "les enfants du paradis")

Eva Tremel
Kronenburg shopping center
October 2004
photo © 2004 by Eva Karczag.

Thomas Körtvélyessy
ZiM Rotterdam, migrant neighbourhood
October 2004.
photo © 2004 by Şule Attems.

both photos reproduced by kind permission

> guest artists -

different people who perform this concept will find a different focus each time and with each setting. as long as the basic givens are maintained, each one can enrich the notion of consensus and develop it further.

thanks to:

performers - Andreas Simon, Meredith Nadler,
Aharona Israel, Janine Brall, Ingrun Schnitzler, Claudia Heu, Amanda Rouse, Andreas Schmidt, Rolande Beugré, Karin Böszer, Shinsaku, evnodm (Don Springer)

musician & costume designer - Pierre Verbeek †

co-choreographers - Elaine Summers, Christine de Smedt, Andreas Simon, Meredith Nadler

photographers - Şule Attems, Ingrun Schnitzler, Eva Karczag, Doron Hanoch, Ludger F.J. Schneider

video-documenters - Corien van der Poll, Lina (ZiM), Geeske Kanters

advisors - Luz da Camara, Eva Karczag, Meg Chang, Mary O'Donnell-Fulkerson

supporting organisations -
Epicentrum Arnhem
Akasha Arnhem
ZiM Rotterdam
Kinetic Awareness® Center New York City
Mirta Demare gallery
tuzrakter independent cultural center Budapest