Friday, October 01, 2010

breathing con·sens·us | Delfshaven Dans!

Yesterday Thomas Körtvélyessy did a breathing con·sens·us on the Heemraadsplein in Rotterdam, Netherlands as part of the community-dance project Delfshaven Dans! which he does together with Damaris Verduijn and Kaat Nouwèn
Everybody got the chance to start together and tune into each other's breathing, trusting that in time the group would be moving together. It became a wonderfully poetic moment, complemented by a beautifully simple score of Kaat involving small origamied paper-boxes. The Heemraadsplein became filled with beautifully sensitive and touching people, each participant interpreting the score in her/his way.

There have been many moments of con·sens·us in this project, whether consciously or sub-consciously and it was very interesting to follow how they were dealt with by different people at different times.

video recorded & edited by Adolfo Estrada Vargas / cross-dissolve

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